The mission of Wilmington Lacrosse is to provide an opportunity for young athletes to learn and play the game of lacrosse, and to have fun in a safe and positive environment that fosters good sportsmanship and citizenship.

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We will cultivate an environment in which our players will acquire the requisite lacrosse knowledge and skills to effectively compete at their respective age levels.  Just as importantly, through teaching the game of lacrosse we will create learning opportunities for our players to develop confidence, resilience, team play and interpersonal skills; important character traits that will prove invaluable as our players develop as adolescents into young adults.


How can I volunteer to coach or help out a team?

The Wings Program thrives on volunteers who are generally parents of the players. Each team will have a designated Head Coach who has primary responsibility for maintaining the team schedule, communicate with families, and manage their team.  Each team will have a varying number of Assistant Coaches – and volunteers are always welcome – who assist with practices and game management.  All of our coaches receive at least minimum training from the league and from US Lacrosse (the national governing body for the sport).  Our Program Coordinators for both the boys and girls programs oversee all aspects of our programs – the Coordinators are also Board members.

Please consider volunteering so the program can continue to grow and be successful.  If you are interested in coaching, please email the Program Director, Erin Walther, at

Are there specific qualifications or certifications needed to become a Wings Coach?

Coaches will need to complete an NCIS background check and SafeSport Certification. Both can be completed through the USLacrosse membership account. As well, We expect coaches to be Level I USLacrosse certified. However, if you are not able to meet this requirement, you will be given the proper resources to allow you to develop your skills as a lacrosse coach. If an opportunity arises for you to attend a Level I US Lacrosse clinic, we expect you to become certified.

What is the time commitment for being a Wings Coach?

Starting in January, coaches are asked to attend our Coaches Training meeting.  This day provides insight into the Wings program, our coaching philosophy as well as specific details about the age groups. In February, coaches are expected to attend evaluations either to participate as an evaluator or help with drills. Starting in March through the end of May practices run two days a week for an hour and a half. Coaches will have approximately 8-10 games.

How are the Wings Teams determined?

Teams are determined following evaluations.   It is our first priority to make fair and balanced teams.  If you have any specific team requests, we will take them into consideration only at the younger age groups. 

Is there equipment required for practice and games? 

Coaches will receive coaching equipment from their programs’ coaching director. Equipment will be handed out before your first practice. You are responsible for the equipment throughout the entirety of the season as well as returning it to your programs’ coaching director at the end of the season.

What is the platform used for easy and accessible communication with my team?

The Wings Program uses the SI Sports App. The app can be used to communicate with your team directly. All practices and games will also be visible on the app.

What are the coach expectations in terms of communication with the team?

Coaches are expected to send an initial welcome email to players and their parents once practices have started.  This email should include information regarding practice and game dates/locations and your contact information.  We also encourage coaches to include a brief overview of team goals for the season and the Wings program philosophy, including sideline behaviors for both parents and players.  You should be providing updates to your parents throughout the season in regards to games/practice changes and overall team progress.

Who makes the call for canceling practices/games?

The Boys Program Director will make the call with the help of the other CCLA teams with reguards to games.

If I have an issue regarding a player and/or parent who should I communicate my concerns?

Issues with parents or players should be addressed to Erin Walther.  Contact info as follows:

What resources are available to help support and grow my knowledge of the game?

Coaching directors Brendan McCormick and Mark Donnelly ( and is your source for helping to develop and grow your coaching skills in order to create a positive learning experience for your players. US Lacrosse provides numerous resources online geared specifically to the age group you will be coaching ( As well, the US Lacrosse Mobile Coach App is an excellent resource for individual skills and team technical and tactical development.