The mission of Wilmington Lacrosse is to provide an opportunity for young athletes to learn and play the game of lacrosse, and to have fun in a safe and positive environment that fosters good sportsmanship and citizenship.

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Boys FAQs

What equipment do boys need?
Boys playing at 14U, 12U, 10U and  8U levels need the following equipment:  helmet with NOCSAE safety seal, mouth guard, shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves, cup, cleats, sneakers, and a boys lacrosse stick. Equipment can be purchased Dick's Sporting Goods, Lax Central, Lax Lounge, Lax World, Lacrosse International, Longstreth and many other online vendors. Participants in Mini Wings only require a mouth guard. 

I'm not sure which age group my son belongs in. Is there a chart that might be helpful?
Yes, there is. Click here to view a quick reference table from US Lacrosse.

My son would like to play for the Wings, but we don't live in Wilmington. Can he play?
Travel teams (U15, U13, U11) are restricted by geographic boundaries. Players must reside in the Brandywine or Red Clay School Districts. The U9 program is in-house and does not have restrictions. However, as an out of boundaries player advances, he will not be permitted to join a travel team.

What does the Registration fee cover?
This fee includes:  cost of facility and field rentals, officials' fees, team equipment and balls (LOTS of balls), tournament fees, coaching clinics, coach Basic Life Support and AED training, coach background checks, and end-of-year parties.

How do I order a uniform?

ALL players MUST wear a Wings uniform including a reversible pinnie and shorts when playing in games.  

My son wants to play lacrosse, but I am unable to afford the registration fees.
Wilmington Lacrosse has funds set aside to assist families. We do not want the cost of this sport to prevent young athletes from enjoying the game. If you need financial assistance, go to 'Downloads' located in the left column of the homepage. Print the financial assistance document and mail. Also, if we have used equipment available for purchase a tab will be located on the homepage.

Why must my athlete join US Lacrosse?
Besides membership offerings like Lacrosse Magazine and access to the US Lacrosse convention, US Lacrosse provides insurance coverage (beyond personal coverage) to our young athletes and their coaches. This coverage is a mandatory requirement for the facilities that we use and for all tournaments, clinics and camps. Athletes can join or update their US Lacrosse membership while registering to play with Wilmington Lacrosse.

Our circumstances have changed and my son is no longer able to play for the Wings. What is the refund policy?
Full refunds (minus a $35 processing fee) are issued prior to 2/1. Full refunds (minus $35 processing fee) are issued 2/1-3/1 if the spot can be filled by a wait listed player. If there is no wait list, a 50% refund is issued. Refunds after 3/1 are considered for medical reasons only and subject to the board's discretion. A doctor's note may also be required.

How do Evaluations work?
Boys at 14U, 12U and 10U participate in evaluations. Our goal is to make team assignments where the athlete will have the most success. Athletes will be given a numbered pinnie used only for evaluations. This allows objective assessment of skills, speed and athleticism. Wings coaches, High School coaches and other objective evaluators will be responsible for scoring the players abilities. The father of a player may assist with running drills, however, will NOT be rating athletes. There will be two evaluation sessions at each age level. Evaluation attendance is mandatory for only ONE session. However, the best way for athletes to ensure consideration for the team they aspire to join is to attend BOTH dates. Participation on multiple days will greatly enhance the opportunity for players to be properly placed. Beginners that will most likely receive a "C" team placement are still welcome to attend tryouts - new players will be grouped together to begin learning basic skills.

What if my son is distressed about his coaches and/or team assignment?
We urge parents to encourage their athlete to discuss any issues with their coach. If there is no resolution, the next step is for the parent to speak with the coach. The Boys Coaching Director is also available  to hear your concerns.

When will the schedule be available?

  • The evaluation / preseason schedule is available now on the homepage.
  • March, April and May practice & game schedules will be available online on your son's team page.

My son has allergies and sometimes needs an inhaler. How should I handle this?
Coaches need to be informed regarding ALL health issues. We recommend that athletes give their team manager an inhaler marked with their name, to be kept in the team first aid kit. In addition, athletes must bring an inhaler to each practice and game. A list of allergies for all athletes is kept in the team first aid kit.

What is the weather policy?
Spring weather can be fickle. We do not play in a downpour, but DO in light rain. Play will be suspended in a heavy downpour and/or the threat of thunder and lightening.

How will I know if a practice or game is canceled due to weather?

  • PRACTICE: Your coach will email and/or post a notice on your team page. Every effort will be made to do this at least 2 hours before practice. Please be forewarned that it can be beautiful at 4:15pm - but when you arrive, the skies open up. Use your best judgment.
  • GAMES: Games may be canceled because of weather and/or because the fields are saturated and unplayable. Please check the CCLA link before every game.

Oh no, I'm not receiving Wings email updates. What went wrong?
Check your junk folder. Sometimes the Wings newsletters & emails wind up there by mistake. To be certain we have your current email in the system, click on the 'Edit My Account' tab in left column of Wing homepage, log in and edit/add away.